Teardrop Indent Technology

Revolutionize Your Rice Length Grading Process

*Compared to round/spherical type indent screens
  • CNC based chassis
  • Easy to operate & maintenance
  • Operation of each cylinder rotation speed control
  • Accurate & efficient working
  • Compact & sturdy design
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SRG - 400

  • CNC based indent punching
  • High on performance
  • Quality grading
  • Effortless cleaning
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Deluxe Length Grader
SRG-700 (Deluxe)

  • Pressed pocket shaped indentation(through CNC)
  • Rice spreading by specially designed 'Spreaders'
  • East on maintenance & cleaning
  • Complete removal of broken rice
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SRG - 700

  • 20-25% more number of indents compared to round type indent screen
  • Up to 75% less choking of indents during grading process
  • Grading capacity increases up to 15-20%
  • Pocket shape similar to international standards
  • Only 1/4TH of cost compared to international brands
  • Low maintenance cost
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  • Specially designed through CNC technology
  • Costs lesser than imported counterpart
  • Max. utilization of separation
  • Max. removal of broken rice
  • Max. number of indents per square cm. of lifting area
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Indent Cylinder

  • Power savings, operating on a small electrical motor.
  • Fine sepration of stones and other heavier material from grain.
  • Trouble free, hand free operation and easy maintenance.
  • Automatic stone discharge system by timer unit.
  • All metal, compact construction, small installation space required.
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Capacity - 2 Ton/Hour

Capacity - 4 Ton/Hour

  • Accurate separation of thick, thin & black grain
  • Quickly disconnect cylinder for easy change
  • Simple & problem-free operation
  • Continues cleaning of screen through 'Anti-Clogging device'
  • Wide range of screens for different kinds of grain
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Precision Sizer

  • Designed through CNC Technology
  • Accurate separation of thick, thin and black grain
  • Low cost & maintenance
  • Wide range of screen for different kinds of grain
  • Also available in Harden Metal Indent Cylinder
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Sizer Screen

About Us

In the field of manufacturing the Rice Mil Machinery in India, Agra based Somnath Industries is today a well-known name since its inception in 1984. The company is continuously providing its services to the Rice Mill Industry.

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